11/05/2013 02:24 EST | Updated 11/05/2013 03:12 EST

Strangest Items Left In Planes And Taxis Include Birds, False Teeth And Legs


(Relaxnews) - What do wigs, prosthetic legs and birds have in common? All have been named as among some of strangest items left behind in -- even more bizarrely -- both planes and taxi cabs.

In the latest survey of global taxi cabs by, a wig and a live caged bird were named as among the strangest items left behind in a taxi cab in the US, while “a prosthetic leg and an ex-boyfriend” were identified as items lost in a taxi somewhere in Australia.

The list of strangest items left behind in a cab is not unlike Skyscanner’s list released this summer, which polled 700 international cabin crew on the bizarre items they’ve found after passengers deplaned.

Despite boarding their flights with carry-on baggage that included live animals, apparently flyers are prone to leaving their feathered, amphibian and hard-shelled friends on board, as flight attendants have found everything from tortoises, frogs, parrots and even a falcon on the aircraft.

Like the survey, the in-flight survey also found that travellers tend to forget their wigs, toupées, and sadly, their prosthetic leg on the plane.

Meanwhile, other random items left behind in’s taxi survey included a trombone in a Finnish cab; a Rubik’s cube in Italy; and dentures in Germany, an item that’s also been found on planes.

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