11/06/2013 06:27 EST

Binning House Sale: Land Conservancy Offered Huge Sum For Historic Home (PHOTOS)

Land Conservancy of BC

West Vancouver's National Historic Site the Binning House might soon be sold—and for a hefty sum, at that.

On Nov. 4, the B.C. Supreme Court revealed that The Land Conservancy of BC received a $1.6 million offer on the historic house, reported the Times Colonist.

The money “will help us go through the next period of restructuring, with having money in the bank," The Land Conservancy manager John Shields told newspaper. "It’s a wonderful opportunity."

The single-storey house was designed in 1939 by Bertram Charles Binning. According to The Land Conservancy, the house offers an early example of Modern architecture in Canada, with open-plan layouts, angled furniture and walls, murals, and glass and tile shaped in trapezoids, and influenced other Canadian architects like Ron Thom and Arthur Erickson.

The Binning House was completed in 1941. Binning lived in the house with his wife Jessie until he died in 1976. Jessie remained in the house until she died in 2007.

Browse some photos of this historic and influential house:

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