11/06/2013 12:00 EST

Highway 63 Accident: Pickup Driver Killed After Colliding With Semi

FORT MCMURRAY, ALBERTA, CANADA - NOVEMBER 2008: Trucks and cars can be seen continuously driving along highway A63 on the way to and from the oil refineries and tar sands mines. Tar sands, or oil sands, are very dense and contain a form of petroleum The world's largest reserves of tar sands in Canada and Venezuela. Tar sands could equate to approximately two thirds of the total global petroleum resource. Until recently it was financially not viable to extract the oil from the sands, but new technology and rising oil prices have now made it viable. (Photo by Veronqiue de Viguerie/Edit by Getty Images)

An overnight accident on Alberta's treacherous Highway 63 has left one dead.

According to RCMP, the driver was killed after his pickup truck collided with a semi trailer shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday evening.

The eastbound pickup driver entered Highway 63, approximately 12 kilometres north of the Highway 55 junction, when he was struck by the southbound semi, Mounties said.

The driver of the semi, which was hauling sulphur, was not injured and the sulphur did not spill.

Traffic was diverted around the collision Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning. Police said the area was expected to be clear by 2 a.m. Wednesday.

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