11/06/2013 04:48 EST

Michelle Rempel Is Not Having Fun: Calgary MP Fires Back At Tumblr Page

Michelle Rempel is not having fun

Tory darling and Calgary MP Michelle Rempel is bored with her job. Or so a Tumblr page making heavy rounds around the Internet would have us think.

The high-performing political neophyte is being singled out for her mannerisms in the House of Commons in a Tumblr page called 'Michelle Rempel is not having fun.'

A series of gifs show the young politician, who is also Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, in presumably varying degrees of disinterest.

These days the Tories are under constant fire in the House of Commons, things look worse for them in the Senate and a Harper government associate just admitted to smoking crack on international television. So with all the political fireworks lighting up The Hill lately, perhaps the creators of the Tumblr page think the fledgling MP should look a bit more engaged.

One image shows Rempel rubbing her brow, another one shows her staring high across the house, while another one shows her typing on her smartphone while other MPs cheer.


But the social media savvy MP was quick to respond, saying that concentrating on what a woman looks like, rather than on the work she's doing, is an attitude that's detrimental to all women and hurts the political system.

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Rempel, who was elected to the lower chamber in 2011, has often been praised for her composure, well-thought out arguments and speaking ability. So, considering she's dealing with today's crop of less-than stellar political talent, she may in fact be less than challenged and a tad bored.

Rempel is not the first Calgary MP to be the target of internet mocking.

Last year, the web was abuzz with videos of a sleepy Rob Anders.

Anders, who often needs no help getting into trouble, was the subject of a viral video showing the controversial MP reportedly sleeping while in the House of Commons.

He was later also caught napping while meeting with military veterans.