11/06/2013 04:57 EST | Updated 11/07/2013 08:35 EST

Mike Del Grande's Rob Ford Facebook Post Says It All (PHOTO)

Sometimes, you hit the nail right on the head.

That's what former Toronto budget chief Mike Del Grande did in a scathing Facebook post Tuesday on the Rob Ford fiasco,

Del Grande, a fiscal conservative who has often allied himself with Ford, quit his job as head of the city's budget committee in January after $12 million in new spending was added to Toronto's spending plans. Now it seems Del Grande may have had other reasons.

Del Grande has said in the past that he has not seen signs that Ford might have a substance abuse problem. In March, amid media reports about Ford's drinking, Del Grande told the National Post he had only ever seen the mayor drink water.

Tuesday, after the mayor admitted he smoked crack cocaine, Del Grande told the Toronto Sun it's time for Ford to get help.

Del Grande's Facebook post, which has been shared widely, isn't the first time the surly Toronto councillor has gone viral. His curmudgeonly 2012 out-of-office email for the holidays was a hit on the web.

Will Ford be able to remain mayor until the next election in 2014 when so many former friends are deserting him? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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