11/06/2013 06:23 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Rob Ford Back To Work After Crack-Smoking Confession

Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who claimed he has "nothing left to hide" after admitting to smoking crack cocaine, will show up to face another day on the job this morning at city hall.

Certain to overshadow the usual city council proceedings, however, is Ford's stunning admission on Tuesday about his hard-drug use, followed by another announcement that he still intends to continue on as mayor of Canada's largest city. Some of his council colleagues have urged Ford to resign or take a leave of absence.

"Toronto deserves better leadership," Coun. Karen Stintz tweeted, adding that Ford had "betrayed" the voters' trust.

Another frustrated councillor, Jaye Robinson, said it was "very disappointing" to learn he mayor was not stepping down, as she had expected he would.

"We thought when he came out for his second press conference that he would definitely step aside, taking a leave of absence," she told CBC News. 

'We must move forward'

The longer the Ford scandal drags on, Robinson said, the less effective city council can be because of the distractions.

For his part, Ford has said he plans to press ahead as mayor in spite of the controversy surrounding him. 

"Folks, I have nothing left to hide," he told a crush of media on Tuesday. "I would do anything — absolutely anything — to change the past. But the past is the past, and we must move forward."

Precisely how city will continue to operate as usual is the major question. 

Councillors have prepared at least two separate motions related to his behaviour.

Motions prepared

Coun. John Filion has prepared a motion that seeks to curtail the mayor's ability to hire and fire members of his executive committee.

Another motion from Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong calls on the mayor to apologize, co-operate with police in their investigation and to take a temporary leave of absence.

Municipal lawyer John Mascarin told CBC News there's no mechanism to force Ford out of office.

"If every politician was penalized for lying we might not have a lot of politicians," he said.

But a motion that would strip Ford of his office budget would make Ford a mayor in name only.

"He just won't be able to carry on the business of the mayor's office as he is known to carry it out. One of his functions is to promote the city, how can he do that if he has no staff really, to back him up to answer the phones?" Mascarin said.

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