11/06/2013 02:14 EST

Saskatoon Taxi Driver Dead After Cab Enters Slough Near Humblodt


A Saskatoon taxi driver is dead after his cab hit a large slough and sank.

According to CTV Saskatoon, the accident took place near Humblodt, Sask. on Highway 5 early Tuesday morning.

The taxi was carrying two passengers to Humboldt, approximately one hour from Saskatoon.

CBC News reports the 42-year-old Radio Cab driver left the highway and entered a slough. The driver and two passengers were able to exit the car, but the driver did not make it to shore.

The accident happened around 3:30 a.m., shortly after the area's first snowstorm, reports CTV.

Pritpal Var, with Radio Cab, told CBC News the driver moved from Toronto to Saskatoon two years ago and was living with his wife and mother.

"Nobody wanted to go to out of town in this weather, you know. Very bad condition at that time," Var said.

"We are all scared, you know. Shocked and scared. It never happened like that before in Radio Cab history."

RCMP told Global News it is not known if weather was a factor. An investigation is underway.

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