11/07/2013 04:05 EST

Clutches Are The Worst Bags Ever (GIFs)

Don't get us wrong - we love bags.

We carry them in all shapes and sizes from canvas totes (hello The Walrus!) to Louis Vuitton speedys and classic shoulder bags; we're all over the latest "it" bag (which just happens to be the drool-worthy Celine trapeze at the moment) - unless it happens to be a clutch.

Why so much hate towards the tiny purse? Let us tell you:

1. You can never fit all your stuff inside it.

2. They're awkward to carry when you need to dance at the club.

3. You can't sling them over your shoulder.

4. You can't trust coat check to not lose it.

5. Not enough room to put it on the dinner table.

6. On the other hand, you will get it dirty if you leave it on the floor.

7. Despite their small size, you somehow can't find anything inside it thanks to all the stuff you tried to cram in it.

8. Clutch styles change ALL. THE. TIME.

9. They can be ridiculously expensive.

10. They're easy to lose.

11. And finally... they're dangerous!