11/07/2013 10:52 EST

Justin Bieber Filmed In Bed By Brazilian Woman; Faces Charges Over Graffiti (VIDEO, PHOTO)

UPDATE: TMZ reports (see video above) that Bieber's camp is denying allegations the women who shot the video is a hooker, and that she was just a creepy party guest who filmed him after he'd gone to sleep.

Way back on Monday, Justin Bieber released a new song called "Bad Day." Well, looks like he overestimated his luck as its been a pretty bad week and we're only at Thursday.

The latest twist in Bieber's never-ending downward spiral comes from a video shot of the Canadian pop star sleeping in bed by a mysterious Brazilian woman. She films the unaware singer with her phone, does a selfie, blows him a kiss and uploads it to YouTube, where within hours it was nearing three million plays and 6000 comments. The Daily Mail reports that many are identifying the mystery woman as Tati Neves.

This comes on the heels of photos showing Bieber leaving a brothel in Rio over the weekend and claims he visited a prostitute in Panama.

But a bigger problem may arise from his new penchant for graffiti. After getting a police escort in Colombia to tag a wall -- with, sigh, "Free Breezy" -- he did it again on Tuesday morning, spray-painting a hotel in Rio and the resulting photographs published by Brazilian newspaper O Globo sparked a police investigation.

Justin Bieber

According to BBC Radio 1, a police statement said Bieber has now been charged with "defacing a building or urban monument by graffiti or other means." Defacing buildings in Brazil is a crime that can lead to up to a year in jail and a fine, though BBC says officials are only considering this a "minor offence."

Remember in Guatemala how Bieber claimed seeing such poverty during a day of volunteering was a "wake-up call?" Maybe when that water bottle hit him onstage it accidentally pressed the snooze button.