11/07/2013 12:18 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:53 EST

Parents pick quality items for kids rooms so decor can span childhood and beyond

VICTORIA - Instead of constantly updating children's bedrooms, parents are embracing timeless design and decor that can last throughout childhood.

Combining quality core pieces like the bed, dresser and a desk with paint and lighting that can be easily changed to suit a child's tastes as he or she matures is how Tracey Lamoureux creates a space that endures.

"We get requests from people who want more of a timeless look that can grow with the age of their children," said Lamoureux, principal designer at Victoria's Creative Spaciz.

"By changing a paint colour, the whole room can have a more mature feel. Paint is such an easy way for people to change their child's space over the years. We try to go for something that has a more timeless look that can take the child from five years old to 18, 19 or 20."

Lamoureux is currently working on two children's spaces, including a bedroom shared by two brothers.

Her clients requested she incorporate fun elements based on their different ages but that can also grow with them as their needs change.

"The older boy's bed is raised up and has a desk underneath it, and is being anchored by a tree in the corner. He climbs up the tree to get to his bed," she explained. "The younger boy has a tree beside his bed, but the bed is on the ground with storage underneath."

Lamoureux is also using chain and rope to create a playground look in the bedroom that includes things the brothers can climb and hold on to.

Kristine Hageland, Victoria interior designer and instructor at the Pacific Design Academy, agrees with Lamoureux's approach to investing in quality furnishings.

"Families are investing in beautiful pieces in children's rooms they envision integrating into other rooms in their home," said Hageland. "It's not just nursery furniture; it's pieces they want to keep using afterwards."

According to Hageland, families are opting for rooms that are less kitschy and more gender-neutral than they once were.

"I think the approach to bedrooms is changing away from the overly themed and cute rooms," she said. "I keep seeing nurseries that are more modern and they don't have little trains. There are kids' toys, but they don't have a train going around the room."

In addition to using modern paint colours like white and grey, Hageland said parents are embracing the trend toward wallpaper and incorporating that into kid's spaces.

"I've been seeing a lot of wall coverings," she said. "People have been taking a lot of modern wall coverings and using more kid-friendly colours to create a balance between modern trends and what a kid might like."

While there may be a lot of decisions around paint and furnishings, according to Hageland the most important thing is to create a space both parents and children want to spend time in.

"It should also be warm and inviting, and easy for kids," she said.

"Make shelves accessible for them and create neat little spaces, like the teepee tents that are popular now. It is so cool when there is a fort or a swing in the room."