11/08/2013 12:40 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Alberta Organ Donation Just Got Easier With New Registry


EDMONTON - Alberta is making it easier for people to donate organs and help others who need transplants.

The government says it's creating an agency to co-ordinate organ and tissue donations.

When people renew their driver's licence or government identification they will be asked if they consent to being a donor.

The information will then be saved in an online registry that can be accessed by the health system.

Alberta has one of the lowest organ donation rates in Canada, with less than 10 donors for every million people, and about 75 people in the province die each year waiting for a transplant.

Alberta Health says the new agency is to be up by 2015 and fully integrated into the government's computer system within three to five years.

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