11/08/2013 11:00 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:53 EST

Case of ex-cop accused of selling information to bikers put off until Nov. 21

MONTREAL - The case of a former Montreal police officer accused of selling sensitive police information to the Hells Angels has been delayed again.

Benoit Roberge has been detained since his arrest in early October.

Roberge saw another delay in the case on Friday with his lawyer sick and unavailable.

Proceedings will resume Nov. 21, when lawyers hope to set a date for a bail hearing.

Roberge is facing four charges: one of obstructing justice, one of breach of trust and two related to gangsterism.

The veteran police officer, who spent the latter part of his career assigned to a specialized anti-biker gang unit, retired this past August.

He was once one of the Montreal police force's leading expert on biker gangs, having investigated their activity and testified at trials to put them away.

Prosecutors oppose bail in the case. A Crown spokesman said he's not sure if any discussions have taken place aimed at reaching an agreement on Roberge's release.

"I don't know right now, but we prefer to keep our arguments in court," said spokesman Jean-Pascal Boucher.

Roberge was supposed to be present Friday but a decision was made to leave him at the detention centre after his lawyer called in sick.

Boucher said it's customary not to transport an accused if it's not necessary and the case is not going forward.

Roberge has had four lawyers represent him since his arrest, which has added to the delays.

Roberge's wife is a Montreal-based Crown prosecutor who specialized in fighting organized crime. As such, the two prosecutors overseeing the case against Roberge are from Quebec City.