11/08/2013 12:01 EST

The Stories Behind Ethan Russell's Unforgettable Music Photos Of John And Yoko, The Who, Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison

Ethan Russell Analogue Gallery

Ethan Russell is the only photographer to shoot album covers for The Who, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones; his iconic photographers have captured some of the most unforgettable and intimate moments in music history. Toronto's own rock photography ground zero, Analogue Gallery, is currently celebrating Ethan Russell's work -- and its inclusion in the gallery -- with a special exhibit.

In honour of Russell's legendary music photography work, we've compiled a slideshow featuring some of his most prominent photographs, from John & Yoko and Jim Morrison to The Rolling Stones and The Who. These indelible images are accompanied by Russell's riveting stories of how they came to be -- although these photographs really do speak for themselves (at least a thousand words, anyway).

In fact, they inspired us to dig into our archive and so we've added afterward even more amazing music photos from throughout the past half-century or so.

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