11/08/2013 04:15 EST | Updated 11/08/2013 04:40 EST

Justin Bieber Steals Bike, Gets Busted -- All Caught On Casino Security Cam (VIDEO)

Today in absurdist Justin Bieber news, TMZ has posted security cam footage of the Canadian pop star is seen stealing a bicycle parked in a hallway of a Vegas casino, cruising around on said bicycle and then getting busted.

The footage dates back to September 14, when Bieber was in Vegas for Floyd Mayweather fight. After entering through an employee door, he spotted the patrol bike and, TMZ reports, began "Security footage shows Justin joyriding the bike through the halls -- while a security guard chased after him in an effort to get the bike back.

After eventually getting cornered, TMZ says Bieber got "a stern talking to" and was let go after returning the bike.

Bieber's week is like a funhouse mirror version of Rob Ford's, except with videos of him sleeping instead of utter death threats, and stealing bicycles and tagging walls instead of smoking crack in drunken stupors.

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