Rob Gamache, Manitoba Teacher, Throws Ball At Students' Heads For Wrong Answers

volleyball 002 ball.
volleyball 002 ball.

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — A Manitoba teacher who threw a volleyball at students' heads when they gave the wrong answer has been told to stop after a video of him doing it surfaced.

Rob Gamache teaches French at Portage Collegiate Institute in Portage la Prairie and played the ball game with his students in a grammar exercise.

Students said those who got multiple wrong grammar answers would have a ball thrown at them.

``(It didn't) hurt at all. It's just funny,'' said Grade 10 student Paige Kernot.

``He asked your permission before he did it and it's not like if you said `no' you would be bullied into doing it and it's not like he whipped it at your head.''

Other students shown the video Thursday spoke out against it.

``I don't think you should throw balls at people — it's really rude,'' said Emily Slate.

The school division said they stopped the game once they became aware of the video on Oct. 28.

``From what I understand, the kids enjoyed it, but it's not appropriate and it is over with,'' said Hazen Barrett from the Portage la Prairie School Division.

He said the video only shows one part of the game and he can't comment on the teacher, calling it a personnel matter.

The school division said they have not received any complaints about the game from parents or students.

The division said Gamache is still teaching students, but won't say if he was disciplined.

(CTV Winnipeg)

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