11/08/2013 05:43 EST

Michael Markowsky Draws Pictures While Flying In A Fighter Jet (VIDEOS)

Drawing is, in and of itself, a skill. But drawing while in a fighter plane — that's, uh, in the air? That is some sky-high talent.

Vancouver artist Michael Markowsky has launched a project called "Drawing While Flying in an F-18" — and it's exactly as it sounds.

While flying in a Royal Canadian Airforce CF-18 Hornet Supersonic fighter jet in July 2013, Markowsky made 100 drawings, as is outlined in a YouTube video on the project. Markowsky's work is part of the federal War Artist program, and was created with the intention of honouring the people in the Canadian Forces in a way that's fun and accessible.

On Oct. 28, Markowsky launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise money for the next stage of the project. He hopes to create a 25-minute documentary on his time in the air (40 hours of footage have already been shot,) create giant paintings as well as a life-size jet sculpture (and film the making of those.) When he's done he wants to take his art on tour across Canada.

On the Indiegogo page, Markowsky outlines his purposes as such:

-"Simulate and share the experience of super-sonic flight"

-"Create debate about role of artist and Military in society"

-"Document possibly last generation of fighter pilots before they are replaced by drones"

-"Document CF-18s before they are replaced by CF-35s"

The artist, who according to Global News has previously painted landscapes while strapped to the top of a speeding car, hopes to raise $13,750 by Dec. 26, 2013.

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