11/08/2013 15:13 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 18:58 EST

NDP election loss post mortem blames 'positive campaign'

The B.C. NDP has released its analysis of the party's stunning defeat in the 2013 provincial election and is blaming the loss on, among other things, running a "positive campaign" and failing to deliver a clear message.

A four-person review panel, which compiled and analyzed the opinions of 3,000 party members and campaign staff, also said the party could have done better on polling, data systems, and outreach.

“The panel found that there were a number of factors that came together to cause the B.C. NDP to lose the election,” said Cindy Oliver, chair of the B.C. NDP Election Review Panel, in a written statement.

“They include challenges around polling, communicating our platform, conducting a positive campaign, voter contact and data systems, and shortcomings in our ability to communicate effectively with ethnic voters.”

The panel, which was created at the request of B.C. NDP Leader Adrian Dix, also generated 47 recommendations to move the party forward for the 2017 provincial election.