11/11/2013 11:32 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Castlegar Bear Killed After Injured By Arrow, Resident Ticketed

CASTLEGAR, B.C. - A Castlegar, B.C., resident has been ticketed after a bear foraging through garbage cans was severely injured by an arrow.

Conservation officer Ben Beetlestone said the incident happened last week in the carport of Castlegar home.

He said a resident encountered the bear and an arrow was fired, striking and injuring the bruin but not killing it.

Beetlestone said the bear was suffering.

As an act of mercy, he said it was shot by an RCMP officer who had been called to the scene.

Officials said it would have been cruel and too dangerous to leave the animal to wander through the busy neighbourhood.

"The injured bear had to be put down," said Beetlestone. "There was no other option."

He also urged residents not to try the unilateral action that resulted in a ticket issued to the Castlegar resident, but to call police or conservation officers instead.

"You can't be taking matters into your own hands," he said. "It's not condoned at all. It's not safe." (Nelson Daily)

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