11/11/2013 05:21 EST

Zander, Adopted Mexican Dog, Loose In Victoria Airport For 24 Hours


Travelling is stressful. Even for dogs.

On Sunday, an adopted street dog from Mexico got loose inside Victoria International Airport.

Zander, seven months old, arrived with two other adopted dogs, Global News reports. As the new owners came to collect the two other animals, Zander wriggled loose from the harness as it was put on him.

He’s an absolute sweetheart, but he’s so, so nervous,” Karen Munroe of MexPup Canada, the organization that coordinated the adoption, told the Times Colonist. The paper reported Zander had been spotted throughout the day, but no one could get close enough to him to retrieve him.

But after 24 hours on the loose, Zander was recovered using a live trap with rotisserie chicken. Munroe told Global News it's Zander's "favourite food."

On Monday, MexPup posted a Facebook update thanking FLED (Find Lost & Escaped Dogs) and all of the volunteers who helped get Zander back.

"He is having a great day and seems to have already forgotten about the ordeal," the status states. "Silly pup."

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