11/12/2013 07:05 EST

TransLink Compass Card Ads Take Playful Look At New Fare System (PHOTOS)

Jesse Ferreras

With the controversial Compass Card (also see here and here) close to being introduced to B.C. commuters, TransLink has launched a new website that allows citizens to ask questions about this new fare payment system.

"Ask Compass" lets users post questions about the new card, receive answers, and read other people's queries. As Global News reports, the Card is due to roll out in stages beginning in December.

We draw upon the resources of professional folks designing the system, engineers and things like that to help answer the questions,” Mike Madill, a TransLink vice-president, told Vancouver 24 Hrs.

To promote the new site, TransLink has designed some playful ads and posted them around transit stops.

One poster, depicting a man wearing headphones and a woman standing next to him, pokes fun at the controversy that has erupted over the new card—and the anger that has been directed towards TransLink.

"WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE COMPASS CARD?!" the man yells over the top of his music.

"Soon," the woman replies. "And stop yelling at me."

The ads are starting to get some chuckles from passengers. @Amanda_MMF_MIW tweeted that the ads are "seriously the best thing ever".

So: What do you think of the ads? See them here:

Photo gallery TransLink Compass Card Ads See Gallery

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