11/13/2013 09:11 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Laval daycare owner describes 'mayhem' as car smashes window

When a car smashed through the glass front of a Laval daycare yesterday, owner Christina Strigas says it was 'mayhem'.

She said she was in her office at the Face-à-Face daycare doing paperwork when she heard the crash.

“My teacher ran in to tell me … she didn’t even speak, I just saw the terror in her face,” Strigas told CBC Daybreak host Mike Finnerty.

Strigas said she raced outside her office to see a car parked inside the classroom.

Bystanders and staff from the restaurant next door rushed in to help.

“I was screaming lift the car, lift the car… they lifted it and I went under,” Strigas said.

The first child she pulled out seemed to be okay, but Strigas said the second pre-schooler, who was trapped further underneath the vehicle, was in a bad state.

“When I found her she was under the car and her face was right next to the tire.”

“She was bleeding and her lips were a little blue. There was blood coming out of her mouth and I layed her down quickly and I breathed into her so she could breathe.”

That girl remains at the St-Justine hospital today.

Strigas said she has met with the families and the girl is in a stable condition, although she does have several fractures and facial injuries.

She said doctors will observe the four-year-old for several days until the swelling goes down in her face so they can decide if surgery is necessary.

Two other girls were also rushed to hospital yesterday afternoon, and they have since been released from care.

The driver, who’s in her 80s, was taken to the hospital as well.

Police said they tried to speak with her yesterday, but she was sedated, so they will return to meet with her this morning.

Her car has been seized by Laval police and will be examined to see if any mechanical failures could have contributed to the incident.