11/13/2013 12:18 EST

Makeup Transforms Black Family Into White People (VIDEO)

We've seen how the power of makeup can make people unrecognizable but a documentary put that to the test when they transformed a black family into white people.

The doc "Dans la Peau d'un Noir" ("In a Black Person's Skin") carried out the experiment back in 2007, but a clip from the episode is making the rounds on the Internet now after a makeup artist noticed it and decided to comment on how the family changed their skin colour.

The experiment was carried out on a husband and wife, Romuald Berald, 41, Kitty Sina, 48 and their 19-year-old daughter Audrey Verges, after a team of makeup artists spent six months developing pigments and wigs for their subjects.

After spending several hours in the makeup chair, the family look completely unrecognizable: Romuald, who sported a shaved head and wide nose, transformed into a white person with blond hair and a more prominent schnoz; wife Kitty went from a raven-haired beauty to a fiery redhead and daughter Audrey transformed into a blond vixen.

What's not shown in the clip is the white family who underwent the reverse process, but both families were filmed while going about their every day lives as members of the opposite race.

The clip comes at a time when "blackface" makeup has become a hot and controversial topic. Actress Julianne Hough was lambasted when she wore blackface at a Halloween party this year and several high fashion magazines were criticized for darkening models' skin in photo spreads.

What do you think of the experiment?

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