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Rob Ford At City Council: The 6 Craziest Things We Heard Today

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TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 13: A symbolic showdown is underway at Toronto City Hall this morning, with councillors debating a motion that calls on Mayor Rob Ford to take a leave of absence amid the drug-related scandal that has roiled the city for months.November 13, 2013. (Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford faced Toronto City Council for the first time Wednesday since his admission of crack use. Ford was questioned about his drug use, and pilloried by critics and former allies alike.

The meeting featured plenty of rhetorical fireworks, but what actually happened today? Not much. City council made its anger at Rob Ford known and passed a motion calling on the mayor to take a leave of absence. But that's about all it can do. On Friday, council will hold a special meeting to vote on stripping Ford of some of his powers, including firing and appointing committee heads.

In case you missed it, here are the six craziest things said at Wednesday's council meeting:

1. Mayor Admits To Buying Drugs

Last week, Ford admitted that he has smoked crack cocaine. Under questioning Wednesday from councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, a one-time close Ford ally, Ford admitted that he had bought illegal drugs in the last two years.

"Have you purchased illegal drugs in the past two years?," Minnan-Wong asked.

"Yes, I have," Ford answered after a lengthy silence.

2. Doug Ford Goes After Councillor

Do you think councillor Doug Ford is going to take all these attacks on his brother Robbie lying down? Think again. Doug repeatedly asked Minnan-Wong whether he had smoked marijuana. The outburst prompted speaker Frances Nunziata to call for a second recess earlier this morning.

3. Is 15 Dixon Road A Crack House?

Ford had a testy exchange with councillor Michael Thompson about whether he had visited 15 Dixon Road, a house that police say is a known crack den.

Ford fired back at Thompson, "It's a house with a family and a father and a mother."

"Have you visited the house? Have you walked in the house? No you haven't!" Ford said.

"I have no interest in being in that house," Coun. Michael Thompson retorted. "I'm not a crack user."

Here's what the police have had to say on the matter:

4. Coathangers?

Last week, Ford said that he had "nothing left to hide" after his crack confession. He reiterated that today, with the caveat that "There might be like a coat hanger left in my closet."

Just hours after Ford made the comments, new revelations about the mayor included in unredacted court documents began to emerge. The allegations, which have not been proven in court, centre around powder cocaine and OxyContin use, drunk driving and partying with a sex worker.

5. Drug Testing For Everyone?

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti following up on Doug Ford's angry rant by calling on all of city council to submit to drug tests. The mayor responded favorably to this idea. Which led to Ford's motion to give the entire Toronto City Council a drug test paid for out of Ford's own pocket. Ford's motion was ruled out of order but council could vote on it next month.

6. "I Really Effed Up, And That's It"

Near the end of the session, Ford went back to his scandal talking points and apologized to Council. "You can only say sorry so many times,"

"I really effed up, and that's it," he said, before reiterating campaign slogans about taxes and cutting spending.

"I'm moving on, you guys can do what you want," he said.

Minutes later council voted overwhelmingly to censure him.


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