11/13/2013 11:13 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Sarjinder Singh, Vancouver Cabbie, Returns Thousands In Cash

Isabelle Schnoeckel via Getty Images

VANCOUVER - It could have been a $10,000 tip, but a Vancouver cab driver is being praised for reuniting a forgetful fare with a very precious package.

Cabbie Sarjinder Singh knew exactly what to do when a passenger handed over an envelope that had been lying on the seat of Singh's cab and Singh realized it was stuffed with a wad of bills.

He was certain the money belonged to a passenger he had just dropped at another Vancouver address, so he returned to that building and tracked the man down.

Singh says the man was overjoyed and offered him a $1,000 reward, which the cabbie refused, insisting he was only doing his job.

He adds his colleagues are honest, hardworking and family-oriented, and just want a little more appreciation.

Although he's not any richer, Singh is basking in the praise from his boss, who says cab drivers don't get enough recognition for the positive things they do. (News1130)

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