11/13/2013 07:06 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Cameras On Saskatchewan Highways To Increase To View Conditions

REGINA - The Saskatchewan government is taking more steps to address traffic safety during the winter months.

It announced Wednesday that additional road cameras will be installed at various locations along some of the province's busiest highways over the coming months.

The new camera's will allow motorists to view conditions on the highway hotline.

One of the cameras is slated for Highway 1 near Moose Jaw, as well as Highway 2 near the new St. Louis bridge.

There will also be cameras at two locations on Highway 10 — at the Avonhurst Grid and near Balgonie, as well as on Highway 11 near Macdowall and Highway 16 near the Borden Bridge.

Highways and Infrastructure Minister Don McMorris says while cameras make most visual road conditions available to drivers, they are not perfect.

"One of the most hazardous conditions that Saskatchewan motorists face in the winter is black ice and this isn’t always evident on the cameras," said McMorris.

“Motorists should always consider all of the information available on the Hotline and drive according to road conditions.”

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