11/13/2013 08:30 EST

Women's Winter Jackets: Best Styles For The 2013/2014 Holiday Season (PHOTOS)

young girl in a snowstorm

Ignore the snow on the ground: it’s not officially winter until December 23. So what does that mean? Well, roughly a month of denial. But also a couple more weeks of wearing those must-have fall jackets. (Especially since we all know November in Canada is as temperamental weather-wise as, well, November in any other part of the world.)

So that being said, here are the 10 winter jackets (they're totally different from coats, ok?) to wear for the 2013/2014 holiday season.

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1. Trench

Trench coats re-appeared for winter 2013, but collections by the likes of Phillip Lim saw a lighter version of the Fall/Winter staple. "Downton Abbey" star Michelle Dockery embraced the best of both worlds at London Fashion Week in February, donning a trench from Burberry Porsum, and proving the style can work with just as well with cigarette pants as it does with winter boots.

2. Cape

Like trench coats, capes have a place in both autumn and winter, but at least for the next couple of weeks, you: a) don’t have to layer so diligently underneath, and b) can opt for less heavy fabric. Valentino debuted a piece that functions as the perfect between-season option, while Kate Moss was recently seen in a bedazzled velvet style we should all aspire to own (and perhaps live in).

3. Bomber

It isn’t fall/winter until at least one million people wear bomber jackets, and thanks to collections by DKNY, that dream can be realized. However you can combine the bomber trend with the varsity look if you’re not too jazzed on leather. Rihanna opted for a more athletically inclined style over the summer (though you may want to wear a full-length shirt underneath if you’re going to work).

4. “Bell”-Shaped

If it helps to refer to “bell” coats as “flared” jacket, we understand, but you may want to pick up the lingo since they’re a staple of Fall/Winter 2013. Chanel’s printed style can be dressed up or dressed down, while Tilda Swinton proved you can embrace the bell shape even with a formal, ankle-length (‘40s-inspired) choice.

5. Blazer

When aren’t blazers on the winter jacket list? However, this year “oversize” (but not too big) blazers once again dominate the blazer game, with designers like Helmut Lang trading in boxier shapes for long, sleek styles. Sandra Bullock also proved the look’s bankability: Mixing a blazer with a t-shirt and leggings, she keeps the look polished without overdoing it. (Not that she could, who are we kidding.)

6. Biker

Stop the presses: Biker jackets aren’t synonymous with “bombers,” in that biker jackets are exactly that – biker jackets. (Drink every time we say “biker jackets.” Think also: what would the "Sons of Anarchy" crew wear?) Saint Laurent showed off its biker look with a crisp, belted, style, while Alexa Chung paired hers with a skirt and heels, proving the jacket’s versatility.

7. Sleeveless

We have approximately six days left to wear anything sleeveless, but as seen in both Victoria Beckham’s Fall/Winter collection, and on Ms. Beckham herself at the Beijing airport, you can layer underneath a sleeveless jacket, meaning you don’t necessarily need to hang it up come December. Think of it as the grown-up version of the winter vest (that we all wore during The Gap campaign of the 1990s), and one you can wear with anything from boots to heels.

8. Cropped Jacket

While you can absolutely wear a cropped jacket once the winter hits, pieces like Isabel Marant’s embellished look might do better on milder days or underneath an oversized winter coat. Case in point: Jessica Alba, whose cropped yellow jacket (worn with a printed dress) could easily function as a winter accessory, while not totally on its own – at least if it’s snowing.

9. Printed

A testament to the fact that “prints” don’t need to be of the animal or floral variety, Celine’s plaid laundry bag dress is roomy enough to layer underneath, but light enough to wear as a fall jacket. However, Jessica Alba recently opted for a traditional choice, embracing bright animal prints that contrast November’s dreariness.

10. Windbreaker

While you can pick up a traditional windbreaker at any athletic shop (or even thrift store) designers like Gary Graham have made windbreakers wearable for almost every occasion thanks to the style’s extended length and blazer-like collar. Meanwhile, Olivia Polermo mixed a military style with jeans and flats, solidifying the most important point of all: Not one winter jacket is exclusive to any one way of dress. (Finally.)