11/14/2013 09:11 EST | Updated 10/24/2018 13:43 EDT

BosaSPACE Mini-Condos In Surrey Feature Foldaway Beds And Walls

In the ever-growing tiny home craze that seems to be sweeping B.C. (laneway homes, anyone?), local developer Bosa Properties has introduced a new project that will transform your living space—literally.

BosaSPACE homes, billed on their website to be as "smart as your phone," have various retractable, foldaway walls and furniture to let you maximize your space—and mold it to meet your every moment's needs.

According to the company, that means the kitchen island counter extends to serve as a dining room table, the queen bed folds into the wall to reveal a couch, and the bedroom doors slide away to expand the living room.

"It's very generous sizes," Bosa Properties senior vice-president Daryl Simpson told CBC News. "It's just that we allow those generous sizes to get even better."

One-bedroom homes are 560 square feet, with prices starting at $199,900, according to a promotional video; they are available exclusively at Surrey's newly-announced University District complex.

Take a look at the photos below. Would you live in one?

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