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Charlie Sheen Offers Rob Ford 'Steady Hand' Amid 'Media Cesspool'

Charlie Sheen is speaking out after a satirical website published a spoof article claiming the Hollywood actor had called for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s resignation on Wednesday.

Sheen, known for his own public battles with substance abuse and explosive meltdowns after he left CBS’s “Two and a Half Men,” expressed his disgust with the "repulsive story" and offered “a steady hand and compassionate heart” to Ford in a heartfelt Twitter message on Thursday.

He also referred to the current furor as being driven by a "media cesspool."

The story first appeared on The Daily Current, which describes itself as an “online satirical newspaper” and “quoted” Sheen telling a reporter from French publication La Presse:

I don't know what it's like being a mayor," Sheen admitted, "but I did play one on television. And I think if you have any big job -- whether in acting or politics or whatever -- you owe it to the people who depend on you to show up to work every day 100 percent focused on the job. I don't think Mayor Ford can do that now, and that's a problem. Get some help dude.

Read the original post on The Daily Current here.

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