11/14/2013 08:41 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Charlie Sheen, Saturday Night Live weigh in on Rob Ford scandal

TORONTO - The ongoing scandal surrounding Rob Ford took a sillier turn Thursday as even a notoriously hard-drinking Hollywood star was dragged into the debate over the Toronto mayor's actions.

Charlie Sheen, whose substance abuse problems have been publicly documented, weighed in on the controversy after a satirical article claimed he said the mayor "parties too much" and should step down.

"The only truth or correct reporting in today's repulsive story regarding my alleged comments about you is the accurate spelling of your great city," the actor said on Twitter.

"Your personal life is and never would be any of my business. I'm sorry for any grief this may have caused. If I can be of any assistance in any capacity in this media cesspool, please accept the noble offer of my steady hand and compassionate heart."

Ford said Thursday he has been under tremendous stress due to the growing scandal and is receiving professional help, though he did not elaborate.

He made the comments as he apologized for using crude language earlier in denying allegations that he told a female aide he was going to have oral sex with her.

Ford's shocking statements once again provided welcome fodder to late-night talk show hosts. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart devoted six-and-a-half minutes on Thursday night on the mayor's latest tirade.

”This...guy is a one man episode of ’Cops,’” Stewart gleefully said after playing a series of clips of Ford denying various allegations against him. He went on to joke that nothing Ford has said or done in recent months compared to Thursday's vulgar comments.

”Let that be your last statement, throw down the mic, make that your last sentence of your entire career in public service because that is what we call in my business a closer,” an incredulous Stewart said.

And one of the head writers for Saturday Night Live suggested the show would poke fun at the mayor this weekend.

Seth Myers told "Live with Kelly and Michael" he hoped Ford would "still (be) a story" by Saturday.

A U.S. airline appeared to be using the Ford story to advertise a seat sale. Spirit Airlines put an ad on its website that shows a blacked out picture of man that resembles the mayor with the words "We're not smoking crack, fly to the Toronto-area and other destinations for just $29.90, one-way."

Meanwhile, a new YouTube video is trying to spread the word that Toronto is "More than Ford" as the city faces continuing international attention.

The one-minute, four-second video posted on the popular website is described as a "fan video" featuring "some of the things we love most about our city."

It shows scenes from around the city along with sporting, fashion and entertainment events, street festivals and celebrities, but no images of Ford.