11/14/2013 19:06 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 18:56 EST

Denis Coderre sworn in as mayor of Montreal

Denis Coderre said he will put measures in place to eliminate corruption and make Montrealers feel a sense of pride again, as he was sworn in during a ceremony in Old Montreal as the city's 44th mayor.

“I am really proud today to be your mayor. I believe that the time has come to turn the page,” Coderre said, minutes after he was sworn in.

Coderre said he will work with all 102 councillors — who were also sworn in Thursday — to put Montreal in the national and international spotlight.

“If we do what it takes, if we’re all working together, we will bring back that great metropolis and we will be able to show again what we are made of,” he said.

Coderre said the elected officials from his team, Équipe Coderre, will always have a free vote in council, and encouraged councillors from other parties to do the same.

“Let’s show Montrealers that they are the boss, and we are at their service,” Coderre said.

Coderre will name the members of his executive committee in the coming days.

He did not say if he would include any opposition councillors in the city’s key decision-making committee.

A new inspector general position

Coderre says that within the upcoming weeks, Montreal’s new city council will nominate an inspector general to oversee the bidding process, and the awarding of municipal contracts.

New measures will also be put in place, such as having open data, to ensure municipal activities are transparent.

“We will bring honesty and integrity back to the city administration,” Coderre said.

The new council’s first mandate will be to examine the city’s finances.

Coderre promised he will not raise taxes faster than the inflation rate, and his goal is to make Montreal a stronger economic engine.

“We have to work together to bring back not only hope, but new capitals and new headquarters. We have to enhance our productivity.”

Coderre also made reference to new investments for infrastructure, public transit and making Montreal’s cultural scene a priority.

Mayor to stand by city employees

Coderre says that corruption allegation plaguing city hall in recent months have hurt municipal employees.

“The vast majority work with heart and conviction for their fellow citizens,” Coderre said, before addressing city workers directly.

“You are actors of change. You are part of the solution. We need you, and count on me to defend the employees of the city of Montreal.”