11/14/2013 05:07 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Key quotes from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and those reacting to his remarks

TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford drew strong reaction Thursday when he made lewd remarks at city hall that he later apologized for. He also admitted he had driven drunk. Here are some of the key quotes from the mayor and those reacting to his remarks.


Mayor Ford on allegations in court documents that he told a female aide he was going to have oral sex with her:

"I've never said that in my life to her, I would never do that. I'm happily married, I've got more than enough to eat at home."


Mayor Ford reacting to allegations in court documents that he had driven drunk:

"I might've, I might've, I don't recall, I might've had some drinks and driven, which is absolutely wrong, but outside of that, I've said what I had to say... Again, I'm not perfect."


Mayor Ford issuing an apology for his graphic sexual remarks:

"The revelations yesterday of cocaine, escorts, prostitution has pushed me over the line and I used unforgivable language and again I apologize. These allegations are 100 per cent lies."

"When you attack my integrity as a father and as a husband, I see red. Today I acted on compete impulse in my remarks."


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on the Ford scandal:

"The things that we are seeing and hearing about Mayor Rob Ford are truly disturbing."

"It's up to the municipal level of government to address the issues they face. It is not the provincial government's role, nor its intention to impose its preferences on that level government."

"If council were to clearly indicate that they lack the ability to function as a result of this matter, the province would respond to a request from council to be provided new tools, depending on what that request might be."

"Toronto is more than one politician, it's more than one government. Ontario is more than one politician or one government."


Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly on Ford's graphic language:

"Under stress he tends to revert to the language of the locker room. And that's fine in the locker room or maybe at a frat party or having a good time with your buddies in private, but not of the chief magistrate in public."


Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong on Ford's graphic language:

"This is too much. You have to say stop at one point in time, that apologies don't cut it, you've done too much, you aren't representing the city of Toronto, and you must leave...please resign, apology not accepted."

"I think Toronto is disgusted with the mayor's conduct."


Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair on a police investigation that led to the allegations Ford reacted to:

"I'm not going to comment on any aspect of this investigation. We gather evidence, we put our evidence before the courts."

"Decisions are made by investigators where there is reasonable and probable grounds to lay a charge...That's the way we do our job in every case and that's the way we do our job in this case."


Toronto Argonauts football team on Ford's remarks while wearing their jersey:

"The situation with respect to the Mayor and his leadership is unseemly at best. These latest remarks, while wearing our team's jersey, are particularly disappointing given our organization's work in the community to help youth deal with issues of bullying prevention."


Mother's Against Drunk Driving Canada on Ford's admission of driving while inebriated:

"MADD Canada is extremely concerned and frustrated to learn of reports of Mayor Ford's admission that he has driven after drinking."

"We strongly urge him to consider the tragic consequences that can occur when someone drives impaired...We also expect that he has made a commitment and taken concrete action to ensure he doesn't drive after drinking again."