11/14/2013 04:37 EST

Pretty Girls Ugly Faces Reddit Meme: New Photos Get Lots Of Laughs


Nothing is more fun than seeing the ugly side of a beautiful girl, right? (Hey, we can't all be perfect Victoria's Secret models.)

So when we feel like indulging in our favourite guilty pleasure, we head over to the popular Subreddit thread, "Pretty Girls Ugly Faces."

Here's the premise: Girls take before-and-after photos of themselves in their "pretty" and natural state and then pose while making unflattering or ugly faces. Fun, eh?

The hilarious thread, which was created in 2012, is still going strong with tons of women posting unbecoming pics of themselves at the risk of being criticized, all in the name of Internet hilarity!

So take a look at the latest batch of "Pretty Girls Ugly Faces" and get ready to laugh:

Pretty Girls Ugly Faces