11/14/2013 10:26 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Rehtaeh Parsons child porn case put over to December

Two 18-year-old men charged in the Rehtaeh Parsons case involving allegations of child pornography have had their case put over until Dec. 5.

The two teens did not appear in Halifax youth court Thursday, and were instead represented by their lawyers.

One man is charged with creating and distributing child pornography, while the other faces two distribution charges.

They can't be named because they were youths at the time of the alleged offences.

Rehtaeh was 17 when she died in April. She was taken off of life support a few days after a suicide attempt.

According to her parents, four boys sexually assaulted their daughter at a house party when she was 15. The Cole Harbour, N.S., teen was then said to have been mocked by classmates, enduring relentless harassment and humiliation after a digital photo of the attack was circulated at school and on social media.

Halifax police and RCMP decided to reopen the case in mid-April after her death, saying that new and credible information had been brought forward.

Police said the evidence did not support sexual assault charges against the two.