11/14/2013 09:06 EST

Rob Ford Advice From Bobby Tufts, Minnesota Town's Kid Mayor (VIDEO)

Leave it to a fedora-wearing kid mayor to provide some comedic relief amid Rob Ford’s ever-evolving scandal.

Mark Critch from "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" travelled to small-town Minnesota to meet Robert "Bobby" Tufts, Dorset's 4-year-old mayor, to talk politics and the responsibilities that come with high office.

Sworn in at three and re-elected in August at four, it turns out Tufts is quite similar to Ford — despite a 40 year age difference. Both have a brother, a penchant for ice cream and a preference for (alleged) violence when handling critics.

“I would just jump and kick them in the eye … and then kick them in the face,” said the dapper young mayor after being asked how he would deal with political rivals.

Tufts even offered Canadian mayors a nugget of advice after being shown footage of Ford walking into a TV camera back in April — OK, it’s more of a question.

“When will you stop hitting your head on the camera?”

Alas, despite his advice, Mayor Tufts managed to pull off a Ford-style on-camera gaffe at the end of the two-minute video himself. Ouch.

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