11/14/2013 02:48 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Saskatchewan going online to tackle bullying and help kids, parents

REGINA - An anti-bullying report in Saskatchewan suggests people should be given information when they buy a smart phone on its appropriate use.

The idea to hand out a brochure against cyberbullying comes from a similar one in Nova Scotia.

Legislative secretary Jennifer Campeau, who wrote the report, says it's important that students understand the lasting impact of what they post online.

Education Minister Don Morgan said Thursday no child should ever have to experience bullying.

He said an anonymous online reporting tool will be developed to report bullying incidents.

"They will have a rapid intervention process so that if something happens, if a student feels in the middle of the night, they're under stress or under strain, they've got some place that they can go to, they can report it online, deal with things anonymously."

The province also wants to engage youth in building solutions to address bullying, and says it will provide a stand-alone website for anti-bullying tools and resources for students, families and teachers.

"It will take a short period of time to get everything up and running, but our hope and expectation is that we have a more civil and a safer and better, secure place for our students," Morgan said.

— With files from CKRM