11/16/2013 12:29 EST

Alberta's Top Employers: The 10 Best Companies To Work For In Alberta


If the latest Best Employers survey by Maclean's Magazine shows anything, is that there are a lot of good places to work in Alberta.

The result of that survey, which was compiled by global HR consultants Aon Hewitt, names the best 50 employers in Canada.

Alberta is again punching above its weight, accounting for 10 per cent of the national population but hosting 20 per cent of the list's best employers in Canada.

The province is the heart of the country's energy sector so it should come as no surprise energy firms make the cut. But with oil and gas money also comes demand for corporate service firms, financial services, field support and construction companies. Firms in all those fields crack Canada's top 50 employers and make up Alberta's top 10 best employers.

Click through the slideshow below for a list of Alberta's top 10 employers.

Hat tip to Maclean's Magazine.

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