11/16/2013 08:40 EST

Lululemon Founder's Comments Spark Online Petition

Bloomberg TV

An online petition is calling out Lululemon, asking its founder Chip Wilson to stop blaming his company's quality issues on women's bodies.

Wilson recently caused massive outrage for telling Bloomberg TV that some women's bodies "just don't actually work" for his company's pants. He then tried to calm things down by (sort of) apologizing, and then Lululemon released the "Second Chance Pant" to address the issue of their material being too thin. But for many, that's not good enough - nor is it addressing the real problem.

As the petition, titled "Lululemon founder Chip Wilson: Stop shaming women's bodies. Apologize and make clothes for women of all sizes!" states, they want Lululemon to start making clothing for women of all sizes:

Mr. Wilson: You owe women and girls an apology. If Lululemon pants wear out quickly with normal use, please acknowledge that there is a problem with your pants without blaming women. And to show your sincerity, make clothing for a wider range of body sizes than those found in Lululemon shops. Stop acting like only the thinnest of women have value.

With already over 6,000 signatures, the petition is less than 2,000 away from meeting its goal.

"[Lululemon] is supposed to be promoting a healthy lifestyle for women when really it is promoting a healthy lifestyle for some women," petition organizer Marci Warhaft-Nadler told Global News. “We really need to get out the message that fit bodies can come in different shapes and sizes, and that every woman’s body deserves to be celebrated and respected.”

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