11/17/2013 02:03 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Facts and figures about flushable cleansing wipes and Cdn sewage systems

OTTAWA - Facts and figures on flushable wipes and Canadian waste-water treatment facilities:

Number of waste-water plants in Canada: 3,700

Average amount each of them budgets annually for clogs suspected to have been caused by wipes: up to $80,000

Cost to some communities per clog: $5,000

Products that plumbers and waste-water officials say they often find stuck in pipes: condoms, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, dental floss, cotton swabs, diapers, personal wipes, bandages, medicines, kitty litter, food waste, cooking grease, paint

What they say is safe to flush down the toilet: Toilet paper and human waste

(Source: Wastewater Treatment Operations, City of London, Ont.)