11/18/2013 10:29 EST

Rick Mercer Explains Why Rob Ford Is So Popular (VIDEO)

Rick Mercer's latest rant has a message for the left: Although Rob Ford seems like a laughing stock, his politics are no joke.

Toronto's mayor gained global attention after his crack confession, murder rant video and vulgar comment to reporters, and has been mocked by Jon Stewart and in an SNL skit. But as Rick Mercer explained, Ford's popularity has more to do with his agenda than with the "international sensation."

"What about all those people in Ford Nation who say they would vote for him tomorrow?" Mercer said. "What everyone on the left should pay attention to is this: They are saying, 'We would rather have a guy on crack than a mayor who would raise our taxes.'"

A recent poll said 62 per cent of Torontonians wouldn't vote for Ford in 2014, although 47 per cent believed he's "doing things at City Hall that I want him to keep doing."

Meanwhile, Ford has ignored calls for his resignation. In a Fox News interview, he even said he hopes to be prime minister one day.

So while Ford's "circus act" continues, Mercer said, "his politics are very real and they should not be written off just because he's about to be."

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