11/19/2013 10:37 EST

Christmas Decoration Ideas: How To Make Your Home Festive On The Cheap

Tia Colleen

Feeling festive yet? The stores are already full of holiday decorations, but decking the halls can get expensive. And besides, aren't your favourite decorations usually the ones that have a personal touch or some sentimental value? Fortunately, there are a ton of DIY decorating options out there — and many of them are both inexpensive and easy to make.

These ideas are fun to create on a cold evening with a mug of peppermint cocoa by your side, or a great project to do with your kids on a snowy weekend afternoon. Either way, these 23 ornaments and holiday decorations will have your home looking seasonal in no time, and on a small budget to boot.

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Mason Jar Snowglobe: Add this to the list of things you can do with a Mason jar. This one is easily customizable with your own favourite decorations.

Learn how to create this at Etsy.

Petal Paper Tree: These tree decorations do take a bit of patience, but they're not difficult to execute and are easy to make to match your favourite holiday colours. They're also a great way to use up bits of scrap paper that you have left over from other projects.

Learn how to create this at Crate Paper.

Scrap Fabric Garland: This garland is beyond simple to make, and gives you a great use for fabric scraps, fat quarters, or pieces found in the bargain bin.

Learn how to create this at P.S. - I Made This.

Map Ornament: A great way to mark a favourite trip or celebrate your hometown, you can easily make these ornaments with a backing material like thin wood, a map, and spray adhesive.

Get your inspiration at Not On The High Street.

Scandinavian Garland: Here's a modern ornament that's also traditional, made with Finnish Himmeli pieces. This is a great holiday decor choice if your tastes tend more towards minimalism than gold and sparkles.

Learn how to create it at The House That Lars Built.

Orange Pomander: These ornaments have been around for a long time, but there's a reason for it — they're inexpensive, simple to make, and a great way to fill your home with a festive scent.

Learn how to create it at The House That Lars Built.

Paper Bird: These paper birds add a Scandinavian flair to your tree, and are much simpler to make than they appear to be. Get creative by mixing different paper textures and patterns.

Learn how to create them at The House That Lars Built.

Honeycomb Bulbs: Make a quick (and cheap!) trip to the dollar store for honeycomb balls, tinsel garland, and scissors—that's all you need to make these stylish oversized bulb ornaments.

Learn how to create them at Studio DIY.

Mini Yarn Wreaths: Large yarn wreaths look great, but all that wrapping is time consuming and tedious. Get the same look more easily with these miniature wreaths, which make great tree or gift decorations.

Learn how to create these at Christopher & Tia.

Origami Cranes: Japanese legend holds that folding 1,000 origami cranes will grant you a wish, and they make an impressive garland when strung together. But even if you don't have that many cranes in you, the individual paper birds make beautiful tree decorations.

Learn how to create these cranes at Zakka Life.

Scrabble Words: This DIY ornament is a great gift for a Scrabble fan — look for game sets at thrift stores to make these on the cheap.

Learn how to create these ornaments at My Sweet Savannah.

Embroidery Hoop Ornament: Ever wondered what people do with those tiny embroidery hoops? Here's our suggestion! You can add some stitching, or keep this one extremely simple and just use a festive fabric to make adorable vintage ornaments.

Learn how to create these ornaments at So September.

Clay Ornaments: All you need to make these ornaments is Sculpey clay, cookie cutters (or even just glassware, to make circles), an oven, and some decorating supplies. If you don't think you can pull off decorations these delicate, try some stamps, or just paint them with festive solid colours.

Learn how to create these ornaments at A Beautiful Mess.

Paper Diamond: It's hard to find an ornament more cost effective than this printable diamond — you can hang them individually on your tree, string a bunch into garlands, or make a holiday mobile.

Learn how to create them at The Red Thread Blog.

Glitter Cone Tree: Want another suggestion for paper cone trees? We love the subtle sheen of these, which would make stunning centrepieces.

Learn how to create them at Making It Lovely.

Air Plant Bulb: Ever wonder what you're supposed to do with air plants? Here's one suggestion: put them inside clear glass bulbs to make an easy terrarium to hang on your tree. These ornaments make stylish gifts as well.

Learn how to put it together at A Subtle Revelry.

Origami Ball: These origami balls are fabulously versatile — make tiny ones to string onto a garland, pop them on top of the bulbs on your string lights, make bulb-sized ones for your tree, or make a gigantic one to hang from your ceiling.

Learn how to create them at Poppytalk.

Plywood Card Holder: It's so nice to open your mailbox to find holiday cards instead of bills, but what are you supposed to do with them once they start piling up on your counter? This plywood tree is both an adorable decoration, and a way to cut the clutter.

Learn how to make this card holder at Ambrosia Girl.

Split Pea Wreath: Split peas are inexpensive, and apparently also a great holiday decoration! We love this innovative use of the legume to brighten up a doorway.

Learn how to create this wreath at See Kate Sew.

Garland Balls: Here's another dollar store special: buy a bunch of Styrofoam balls, paint them your favourite holiday colours, and string them for an easy and cheap garland.

Learn how to create this garland at A Subtle Revelry.

Straw Wreath: Straw Wreath: This is quite the statement wreath, and it's easily made with a glue gun and red-and-white paper straws.

Learn how to create this wreath at Woman's Day.