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Jeopardy Contestants Miss Ridiculously Easy Stephen Harper Question (VIDEO)

It's probably enough to make Alex Trebek want to move back to Canada.

Monday night, all three Jeopardy contestants were unable to identify a photo of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Trebek, needless to say, was not impressed. In that distinctive 'tisk-tisk' tone he reserves for the worst contestant fails, Trebek said: "So, perhaps we should teach a little bit about current Canadian history as well."

The Jeopardy host has good reason to be disappointed. Contestants regularly fail to answer questions about Canada and were unable to identify Harper on two occasions last year (cringe-worthy videos here and here).

And there seems to be little hope for the future. A viral video released this week shows even Harvard students can't identify Canada's capital.

Is it time for American schools to start teaching a little more information about the rest of the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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