11/19/2013 08:32 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Jewelry Stolen From Bedridden B.C. Senior, Says Family

A B.C. senior is pleading for the return of sentimentality valuable jewelry that was allegedly stolen from her room as she lay bedridden in a long-term care facility.

Norma Patricia Cantlon, 90, was battling pneumonia and on supplemental oxygen at the Cascade Lodge in Chilliwack, B.C., when a thief entered her room on Remembrance Day and stole two rings that she kept on her bedside table, her family says.

Both rings have significant sentimental value — one is Cantlon's diamond wedding ring, and the other is a custom-made 65th wedding anniversary ring that her husband, Art, had made for her.

Art died just two weeks before the anniversary date, making the ring the last gift he ever gave to her. 

Cantlon's son James says that the family did not originally want his mother to keep the rings with her when she was transferred from Chilliwack General Hospital to the Cascade Lodge in March, but that she begged to keep them with her.

"You can't deny an elderly woman her last pleasures," says James.

Cantlon's family says they do not think it was a guest or intruder who stole the rings, because their mother's room is directly across from the nursing station. Anyone entering the room would have to walk by the nurses first, they say.

Staff at the Cascade Lodge says they have questioned staff, but that the facility does not surveillance cameras.

Chilliwack RCMP told CBC News that the rings were reported missing — not stolen — about two weeks ago, and that they will be investigating the incident. 

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