11/19/2013 02:40 EST | Updated 11/19/2013 02:56 EST

WATCH: Tory MP Paul Calandra Just Wants To Be Clear (VIDEO)

Let's be clear, Conservative MP Paul Calandra is awfully busy these days.

For weeks now, the parliamentary secretary to the prime minister has been fielding questions about the Senate expenses scandal, often deflecting inquiries with personal stories about his family or insults hurled at Liberals and New Democrats.

But critics have accused Calandra of regurgitating talking points rather than giving straight answers, leading to what one pundit called "the most complete non-answer" in question period history.

And much like his boss, Calandra enjoys saying things regarding the scandal are actually quite "clear." He likes saying that a lot.

According to Press Progress, Calandra recently used the phrase 24 times in some 45 minutes.

And the website created a handy video for those wishing to count along at home.

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