11/19/2013 04:38 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Polar bear orphaned after mother was shot gets new home in Winnipeg zoo

WINNIPEG - A polar bear cub orphaned when its mother was shot by Manitoba Conservation officers is getting a new home.

The cub's mother was killed earlier this month during a search for another bear that attacked two people in Churchill on Hudson Bay.

Manitoba Conservation says it consulted with scientists and Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo about what to do about the 11-month-old cub.

It was decided it should be moved permanently to the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre at the zoo.

Manitoba Conservation says the cub would not have been able to survive on its own without its mother.

The female cub is the third polar bear taken from the wild and brought to the zoo in the last few months.

Another 11-month-old cub and a three-year-old animal that attacked a man in September also live at the polar bear centre now. The zoo was already home to two-year-old Hudson, a bear acquired from the Toronto Zoo.

Manitoba has lifted restrictions that had been in place for 30 years and which only allowed bears under the age of two to be put in zoos.

Dr. Brian Joseph, director of zoological operations at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, said the conservation centre is a place of refuge for orphaned bruins.

"This bear, along with others at the centre, can help us educate our visitors on climate change and polar bear conservation," he said in a statement.