11/20/2013 12:17 EST | Updated 11/20/2013 12:22 EST

David Price No Longer Working For Rob Ford's Office


One of Rob Ford's most controversial hires is no longer working for the mayor.

David Price was Ford's director of operations and logistics, and it seems his job was lost in the shuffle after the mayor's budget was reduced by a city council motion.

The Toronto Star reported that as of Tuesday, Price had not been offered a job in the office of Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who is taking over many of Ford's responsibilities. Nor had he been offered a job on Ford's newly reduced staff.

Price drew a salary of $130,000 after he started working for the mayor in April, which was double the pay of his predecessor in the job, according to police documents. Price's hiring drew attention because of his inexperience at City Hall. Before joining the mayor's office, he had worked as a financial advisor and had attended school with Doug Ford.

The Globe and Mail reported that several people interviewed as part of an investigation into Doug Ford said David Price helped the older Ford brother sell hashish in the 1980s.

When asked last spring why Price had been hired by the mayor, Doug Ford simply told a reporter: "You can't teach loyalty." According to court documents, Price has been interviewed by Toronto Police about Rob Ford. He told police he had never seen Rob Ford with drugs in the 35 years he has known him, and added that the mayor “tends to ‘bark’ at his staff."

Price's aggression has been documented as well. Transit officials have investigated his treatment of staff when he passes through the Georgetown GO station. An employee at the station told Sun News that Price leaves him "on edge."

Kelly's office has hired several of Ford's former staff, including chief of staff Earl Provost, policy director Sheila Paxton and deputy chief of staff Sunny Petrujkic, The Star reports. Paxton told The Star that about half of the mayor's staffers have moved to Kelly's office, but not Price.

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