11/20/2013 03:18 EST | Updated 11/20/2013 03:19 EST

Edmonton Valley Line Animation VIDEO: An Amazing Depiction Of The Southeast LRT Project


Not only should Calgarians be jealous that Edmonton is getting a southeast LRT line, they should also be green with envy over the city's amazing animation of the project.

The animation video, which was posted on YouTube late last week, has already racked up nearly 2,000 clicks and shows views from the ground level and from the sky of what the new valley LRT line will look like as it winds its way along, over and under Edmonton streets.

The video also shows what the stations along the route will look like and points out which parts of the line, stations, and their designs, were influenced by public consultation.

The Valley Line will start at Mill Woods and will end at the transit facility at Lewis Farms, but not before making 25 stops at ground level, underground and elevated stations connecting riders to locations such as West Edmonton Mall, Misericordia hospital and the Muttart Conservatory.

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Unlike Edmonton, Calgary is not scheduled to get a southeast line for another 30 years, despite the fact the quadrant is the fastest growing in the city.

But lack of access is not the only problem affecting Calgary's LRT lines, reports The Calgary Sun.

Winter weather is reportedly causing severe havoc on the city's aging C-Train, with incidents of car breakdowns increasing in frequency, LRT lines not operating to their designed standard and recently falling victim to three crashes with vehicular traffic in as many days, the Sun reports.

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The Valley line is the result of combined efforts by the City of Edmonton, as well as the provincial and federal governments.

According to the city, the cost of the Vallery Line from Mill Woods to where it meets the Centre West leg will be $1.8 billion.