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RCMP Documents Call Into Question Harper's Story On Wright-Duffy Deal (PHOTOS)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has consistently said it wasn't until May 15 that he learned of the infamous $90,000 cheque his former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, cut to Senator Mike Duffy.

Harper has also said that Wright acted alone when he made the deal with Duffy, actions the RCMP now allege amount to breach of trust and fraud against the government. Wright maintains he hasn't committed any crimes.

In recent months, the prime minister has amended his story to say "very few people" in his office were aware of the deal. He also told a radio show he fired Wright, after repeatedly saying in the past that his former right-hand man resigned.

But the PM has never strayed from his story that he was kept entirely out of the loop.

Nearly two weeks ago in question period, Harper reiterated that he had no prior knowledge of the Wright-Duffy deal.

"The fact of the matter is this. As I said, Mr. Wright told me on May 15 that he had used his personal funds to pay the moneys to Mr. Duffy, the moneys that Mr. Duffy claimed publicly he had repaid himself," Harper said. "Obviously, it was unacceptable that this was done, and particularly that I was not informed and my permission to do such a thing was never sought. I obviously would never have given it, and for that reason these two individuals have faced sanctions."

But 80 pages of documents prepared by RCMP investigators and placed in front of a judge Wednesday may call into question what Harper has previously said about what he and those closest to him knew about the arrangement.

The documents indicate Wright told Mounties that Harper was unaware of his decision to personally pay back Duffy's ineligible expense claims.

"I have seen no evidence that the Prime Minister was involved in having Senator Duffy’s legal bills paid," Cpl. Greg Horton concludes. "The evidence I have viewed suggests that the Prime Minister was informed by his staff that they were working on a plan to have Senator Duffy repay expenses."

But other bombshell revelations, allegations and emails contained in the docs had more than a few political pundits suggesting on Wednesday afternoon that Harper's government could very well be doomed.

While nothing has been proven in court, here are some of the biggest quotes from the document that you can read in full below, under the gallery.

Photo gallery Highlights From The Wright-Duffy Police Documents See Gallery

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