11/20/2013 22:09 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 16:01 EST

Latest Senate scandal documents discussed by At Issue panel

The National's At Issue panel weighed in today on new Senate scandal documents that show Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright and Senator Mike Duffy are being investigated for bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Bruce Anderson says he’s struck by the “mountain of information” that’s been released.

“All of it was available to the prime minister in the last several months. During that period of time, there were a period of many weeks basically where if he had looked at this information he would have been giving different answers in the House of Commons if he was going to use that information as a fact-basis for what he was saying,” Anderson said from Ottawa.

“So either he chose to ignore all of this information, which was reckless, or he was being dishonest with the House and with Canadians.”

Jennifer Ditchburn, speaking from Ottawa, called the contents of the documents “pretty ugly.”

“When you go through this, I can’t think of another time when we’ve been able to look at sort of the inner discussions and inner workings of a current, a sitting government,” she said.

“There is a pretty major inconsistency there when you have people saying that, ‘We had nothing to do with whitewashing a report on Mike Duffy,’ when, if you believe what the RCMP are putting in front of us, there was an elaborate scheme to whitewash the report and make any further investigation into Mike Duffy go away.”

And Andrew Coyne in Toronto says some have been caught out in “glaring contradictions,” thanks to the documents.

“Nobody’s been telling us the whole story and some people, it seems to me, have got a lot of explaining to do, let’s put it that way.”