11/20/2013 04:01 EST

North Shore Hikers Swing To Safety (VIDEO)

A pair of North Shore hikers had to make like Tarzan and swing to safety on Tuesday afternoon after veering onto a trail that was more difficult than they anticipated.

Ontario hikers Laila Day and McKenzie Bull were saved by North Shore Rescue (NSR) helicopter via a 150-foot line after embarking on a trail they weren't equipped for, CTV News reported.

The hikers packed crampons, food and hiking boots for a tough walk on The Needles, an unmarked trail that rates a 5/5 in terms of difficulty.

They told friends they went hiking but did not provide many details, said Global News.

Eventually they found themselves stuck on a cliff face.

According to The Vancouver Sun, they called for help on a cell phone but searchers were forced to scramble when it turned out they didn't provide an accurate location.

Rescuers eventually found the hikers and lifted them to safety at 4 p.m. Tim Jones with NSR said that Day was mildly hypothermic when they found her and that Bull was "getting that way," reported News1130.

"They would have had serious problems during the night," he said.

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