11/20/2013 02:24 EST | Updated 11/20/2013 03:37 EST

Rob Ford Trainer Valerio Moscariello Formerly Charged For Steroids

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TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 18: The Last speaker Mayor Rob Ford wags his finger at the councillors warning them before the vote is called as council debates the motion to limit the Mayors office budget. Toronto, November 18, 2013. (David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Perhaps the one positive in the last three weeks of Rob Ford mayhem was the mayor's oft-repeated statement that he was exercising in an attempt to get his weight down to a healthy number.

But now even that plan seems to have some unfortunate associations. As The National Post reported, one man who has been helping Ford get healthy was Valerio Moscariello, who was found guilty in 2005 of holding and selling muscle-enhancing drugs in Nevada. He was also banned by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports from sport for 12 years in 2010, which included "coaching, training or competing."

Moscariello, who also goes by the name Valerio Mosca online, posted a picture of himself and the mayor on Instagram this week, with the caption: "Putting Toronto mayor Rob Ford through a Valerio workout. The BodyPro training system!!!" That picture and the account have since been taken down, as have other social media accounts run by Mosca.

In recent years, Moscariello has been running Team Body Pro, a bodybuilding company offering diet and exercise advice for those ranging from power lifters to soccer players. And there's no question as to his own strength — numerous YouTube videos demonstrate Moscariello's workouts, which include shoulder pressing 40.8 kilos on a regular day.

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